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Alice Unraveled

"Alice Unraveled sends its audience on a psychological journey" - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

About Alice Unraveled


Darkening the metaphors in Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, “Alice Unraveled” is about an adolescent girl struggling with post-traumatic stress. Her life becomes fragmented, and repetitive, a swirling chaotic nightmare. Alice is pulled “down the rabbit hole” and into a world in which she cannot separate reality from memory, or memory from a dream.

The story follows Alice as she struggles to get through each day after a traumatic experience at a party. Everything is intertwined and tangled as the audience travels through Alice’s nightmare with her. Drifting into a world where nothing is constant, actors become set pieces and the inanimate comes to life. She circles through this terror until she finds the strength to stand up for herself and realize that it is not her fault.

Development/Production History

May 2009: Developmental production in Rochester, New York

March 2012: Fully arranged production in Purchase, New York

July 2013: New York Musical Theater Festival Developmental Reading

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