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Children's Music

I started writing children's music in 2013. I had recently started a job working as a gym and music teacher for children ages 6 months - 5 years. I saw the joy and excitement in each child's eyes sparked by song and movement. These kids were the most gratifying and electrifying audience and I knew I wanted to create my own children's music to share with them. I was often inspired by a child's suggestion. One little boy came in each day and begged to sing a dinosaur song. I did not know any dinosaur songs at the time so I decided to write one for him and "Rock-a-saurus" was born. Seeing his smile as I sang him his special song was so rewarding and soon several other kid's were asking for their own special songs too!

I began babysitting and nannying around the same time and was learning so much about child development, their creativity, their wishes and fears. I noticed that music was one of the best ways to help them to learn, grow and try new things. I started developing some children's stories and characters of my own and in 2014 I began work on Bitty Bird, a shy but imaginative bird who loves to sing but fears the limelight. I developed several story lines for Bitty Bird and ultimately worked on a full TV pilot for the show.

Last year I began working on some children's book illustrations and stories as well. I am hoping to continue to work on children's media. I am developing a few ideas for children's musicals and am also available to teach children's music classes per request. For now, I hope you enjoy my small selection of demos below!

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